Grant Airdrop to Early XYZ Customers

This is a proposal to send the first batch of tokens to XYZ Edition Customers.

As stated in early discussions we have 9% to send to early customers of the XYZ Edition. This means we have 90k FVS tokens.

Token Distribution Proposal:

  1. Clients that bought between August/22 - Nov/22 - 30k FVS (Will be distributed equally per number of t-shirt pruchased)

Example: 5 t-shirts = 1k $FVS → 10 t-shirts = 2k $FVS

  1. Monthly client purchases - 45 FVS for every Favos t-shirt purchased for the remaining XYZ t-shirt Edition inventory.(Distributed Monthly)

It’s important to state who will execute this proposal. To do that we need to define the working groups first.

I agree with the start of the distribution, but I think we should stick with a per T-shirt distribution as proposed here. We shouldn’t use a periodic distribution while Favos does not have a reliable stream of sales. Using small windows as monthly is even worse.

I belive it was stated in the initial proposal that the distirbution will be per t-shirt and not in a periodic bases but the frequency of airdrops will be in rountinely basis. I suggest it to be monthly or quarterly. but i am leaning to the monthly. what do you think?