Grant Governance Access to Inventory

Current Inventory:
Estimates based on rough count (if wrong is by a small amount)

White: [784]

1.XS - 115
2.S - 271
3.M - 253
4.L - 105
5. XL - 40

Black: [683]

1.XS - 116
2.S - 245
3.M - 232
4.L - 64
5. XL - 26

Due to the Enormous amout of inventory of Small t-shirts. the Governance commitiee is asking to retain 15 black shirts size [S os XS] and 20 white shirts size [S or XS]. The shirts will be given to women that have a strong circle of influence and as a result will help sell this excess supply of shirts.

I agree with this, but it’s important to state the t-shirts will be distributed at the discretion of the committee and not previously decided.

Yes, All t-shirts shall be distributed at the discretion of the committee. We shall target the public that wears the small size t-shirts. Its the ones that are in excess in our inventory and i believe are the ones we should sell the fastest.