Initial DAO Managers

The Multisig will initially be governed by our Founders. The current Multisig address is: oeth:0x5c47d4a56ae6dF539f48Abd77B93f68eFC245401. They shall follow all decisions passed through.

Due to the complexity and costs of launching a fully autonomous L2 DAO our governance process will be initially done via multisig and later transitions into a fully autonomous DAO.

Until the end of 2023 the DAO will start with the founders as managers of three main working groups (Product Development, Technology, Meta - Governance) and later the working groups will be transitioned to other managers based on a voting system and will govern the DAO for future periods. Each manager will start with an initial compensation of 0$ and a potential compensation should be discussed in the future.

Initial DAO Managers:

Product Development

  • Antonio Lins


  • Arthur Coimbra

Meta - Governance

  • Miguel Buffara

The founders constituted the entity BEESWAX COMERCIO LTDA in Brazil (registration number 43.784.034/0001-27) to handle the operation on behalf of the Favos DAO.

Operational Entity:

The operational Entity is currently being managed by the three founders and is responsible for the purchase of the raw material, the making of the products, the ecommerce operation and all marketing efforts.

Proposals must have one of the managers or the current operational entity as responsible for the execution.

I will be sending this to voting immediately.

Snapshot Voting

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