XYZ Edition T-shirts

XYZ represents the marginalized ending of the alphabet, often excluded or forgotten. However, it is of great importance because without it the alphabet is incomplete. In the majority of cases, customers won’t have their opinions effectively considered by the management of a company in their decision-making process. They are the XYZ.

In order to commemorate this, we have launched our first release of Favos T-shirts, the XYZ Edition. In this limited batch of 1500 T-Shirts, we will distribute 5% of our total tokenized equity pool divided by the number of available T-Shirts. The XYZ edition is an exclusive limited run, created with the purpose of rewarding our earliest supporters with a larger quantity of governance tokens, in turn giving them more voting power in the Favos DAO and a higher % of ownership in our organization. We want to keep our early backers as close as possible to us.

After the limited XYZ edition comes to an end, we will keep on selling Favos garments, however distributing a smaller % of governance tokens month after month. Click here to read more about our tokenomics proposal.

The XYZ edition T-shirt can be found at our online store: